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In accordance with Article 10 of the Act of 4 March 2010 on the Provision of Services in Poland (Dz. U. 2010, no. 47, item 278, as amended) advocates and legal advisers are subject to compulsory professional insurance.

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Jedwabny&BrzozowskaLegal will process personal data entered in forms or gathered through this website in a manner consistent with the permission granted by the user and in compliance with the requirements of Polish law, specifically the Act dated 29 August 1997 on Personal Data Protection (unified text Dz.U. 2014, item 1182, as amended) and the Act dated 18 July 2002 on Performance of Electronic Services (unified text Dz.U. 2013, No. 1422). The set of personal data collected is treated as a separate database, stored on the website server in a special security zone assuring due protection. Only Jedwabny&BrzozowskaLegal and a small number of authorised persons responsible for administration of this website have full access to the database.

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